My Story

I’m Alessandro Vitale, but you might know me as “Spicymoustache.” My story begins in a cozy town nestled in the north of Italy, not too far from the enchanting city of Verona, where the tales of Romeo and Juliet still linger in the air. Nature has been my playground and my teacher since childhood, thanks to countless hours spent in the gentle company of my grandparents.

My grandfather, a true steward of the earth, introduced me to the joys of gardening, foraging for asparagus and mushrooms, and the patient art of fishing. He instilled in me a profound respect for the soil — teaching me to see it as a living, breathing partner in the cycle of life, deserving of our care rather than disruption.

In the warmth of my grandmother’s kitchen, a world of culinary alchemy unfolded before my eyes. She was a master of preservation, turning every scrap of food into something beautiful and valuable, banishing the concept of waste long before it became a global concern. Those stolen moments, trying to swipe a taste of her latest creation, left me with a rich tapestry of sensory memories and an unexpected education in making the most of our resources.

As I navigated through my teenage years and ventured into various careers — from the vineyards of a wine company to the craftsmanship of shoemaking — I carried with me the lessons learned from my grandparents. Each experience, though seemingly unrelated, contributed to a deeper understanding of quality, sustainability, and creativity.

The move to London at the age of 23 marked a new chapter in my life, filled with challenges and growth. The bustling city life, so different from my rural upbringing, initially felt cold and isolating. Yet, it was this very environment that rekindled my connection with nature, leading me to create my own green spaces wherever I could find them — balconies, terraces, backyards, and front yards became my new soil to nurture.

Over the past 9+ years, gardening has evolved from a hobby to a passion and a way of life. My current garden, a modest 8 x 5 meters, along with a new allotment, has become a testament to the power of growth and community. Starting my journey into content creation was an unplanned leap of faith, sparked by the positive response to a simple video on beetroots. Despite my initial lack of technical know-how, I dedicated every spare moment to learning, to sharing, and ultimately, to inspiring others.

This adventure has taught me that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. My mission now is to inspire others to reconnect with nature, to grow their own food, and to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. To everyone who has joined me on this journey, your support means the world. Together, we can cultivate not just gardens, but a greener, more connected world.




My Story

I’m Iasmina, I’m navigating the tapestry of life as a creative, drawing inspiration from my identity and lifestyle. My roots span the picturesque countryside of Romania and Italy, where the rich culture, traditions, textiles, and embroidery of my German-Romanian heritage shape my folk-inspired art and style.

 At the age of 6, my journey led me to the enchanting landscapes of Italy, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees in the Veneto countryside. The family business in wine and olive oil production, coupled with a farm filled with animals, instilled in me a profound appreciation for the origins of my food.

 As a rebellious yet brave teenager in Italy, I delved into industrial design, crafting furniture, and shaping my identity through interior design. Family challenges prompted me to step into the workforce at 17, leaving my studies behind. At 21, I embarked on a new chapter in London with my boyfriend at the time, who is now my fiancé—nine years later. 

In the heart of Shoreditch, I found pride in managing top-notch restaurants.Being surrounded by great design and indulging in fine dining food became an integral part of my daily life, enriching my knowledge and honing my cooking skills. The adrenaline of managing top-notch establishments, combined with the exquisite tastes and beautiful designs, fueled my passion.

 Yet, amidst the bustling city life, we felt a growing disconnect from our roots and nature. Multiple relocations in London didn’t deter us from cultivating a small balcony garden. COVID provided a pause for reflection, and we redirected our focus, embracing a vegetarian lifestyle, sustainability, and sharing our gardening journey online. What started as a hobby blossomed into a full-fledged business.

Our dedication extended to sleepless nights balancing full-time jobs, filming, editing, and gardening. Our commitment paid off as our online presence flourished. Now, our shared venture is not just a business but a testament to the rewards of perseverance.

In our business, I handle everything from filming videos to curating the surroundings for the perfect shot. I take care of the garden and kitchen, and I actively contribute ideas for both gardening and cooking content. We share responsibilities without focusing on specific percentages – each of us does what needs to be done.

My journey has come full circle as curating a private studio, I’ve crafted a unique tattoo experience. Beyond the ink, I immerse my customers in a calming day of music and art. Each session is a journey, with vegan meals tailored to their diet requirements, creating an ambiance where every element complements the art. It’s not just about the design; it’s about the entire experience, a retreat of creativity where body art becomes an expression of one’s inner self.

 The dream doesn’t stop there; I envision a community space in my Romanian hometown, a retreat fostering education, creativity, and sustainability. This is my story, a tapestry of creativity, resilience, and a dream that’s slowly becoming reality.