The Fastest way to grow an amazing vegetable garden, without backbreaking work

How 20 minutes a day will feed you for a year, by Alessandro Vitale

How You’ll Transform Your Garden

Discover powerful secrets

Discover gardeners secrets that naturally double vegetable growth, increasing your annual yield towards a more sustainable life.

Master Organic Cultivation

Learn the techniques we use as gardeners to grow crops that are truly 100% Organic, pesticide free.

Save Time & Money

Unearth cheap time saving tricks that will revolutionise your vegetable patch and give you greater satisfaction.

Bonus Plant Guide

Students unlock access to my 50 Plants Complete Guide, to achieve a consistent and bountiful vegetable harvest. Plus a PDF on compost, planting spreadsheet, pests vs pollinators and much more.

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What Students say about me


"Amazing from start to finish. Utilise every part of your garden, zero waste and important information! Gardening doesn't need to cost a fortune to start up, and you can do it from a flat or a little yard. So much information is provided in an easy to understand format. And better still, you can also find him on social media, amazing! My children use this book for their projects!"


"I got this book at my request for my birthday and I can honestly say how much it has inspired me to grow my food and appreciate nature around me since then I've got a large allotment, built a polytunnel and I'm already growing veg and salad for the Autumn."

Lynne Gjerde

"I love this book. Such practical information with many options to choose from. Well written. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks I could never grow that."

Sue Skinner

"This books just fab, it’s fun it’s informative, it’s easy to follow .
It’s fantastic
Would recommend
Next day delivery
Well packaged"


"I followed the spicy moustache on social media and felt very inspired, the book contains loads of info and tips, it's well done."


"Brilliant book and tips, check out his YouTube channel as well"


"I was bought this book at my request for my birthday and I can honestly say how much it has inspired me to grow my own food and appreciate nature around me, since then I've got a large allotment, built a polytunnel and I'm already growing veg and salad for the Autumn. I've got a lot of plans for the allotment all inspired from The authors you tube videos and this fantastic book..which is great for beginners like me who want to learn."


"This book is absolutely amazing full of information that any beginner needs to know about gardening, it's easy to understand."


"I have bought this book for my 12 year old son who has recently started to be interested in gardening. Its absolutely brilliant. So much information on everything you need to know about getting started with your fruit and veg patch. I cant recommended this book enough for anyone who is thinking of starting their own garden.
Thanks Spicy moustache"

Everything You’ll Learn

Discover the Surprising Secret to Sowing Seeds

Convinced you’ve got seed planting down to a science? My methods might turn some heads, but who says you have to go with the flow? They’re unconventional, yes, but they consistently yield results. Are you prepared to embrace a new perspective?

Mistakes to avoid at all costs

Relying on the internet’s ‘expert’ gardening advice for award-winning blooms? It’s time for a reality check. Much of this advice is as effective as a solar-powered flashlight. Let me help you sidestep these common missteps, turning your garden from an overlooked patch into a thriving oasis.

How to Boost your Garden Growth

Eager to uncover professional gardening hacks? I’m not referring to those “cross your fingers and wish” approaches. I mean genuine, proven strategies that organically accelerate growth. After all, who has time for guesswork and uncertainty in the garden?

Grow an Epic Garden in Less Time

Think you need to be tied to your garden to achieve perfect harvests? That’s a myth. With the right techniques, I’ll show you how to master gardening in the same amount of time you scroll through social media during your lunch break. Get ready to garden smarter, not harder.

Student Showcase

How my advice has helped other gardeners achieve results



A 50 plant guide to help you plant, sow and avoid common mistakes, taken from a decade of gardening experience.

What You’ll Learn

Module 1 - The Simple Garden Design System


  • How to master sun rotation and garden orientation
  • How to create a simple garden design

Module 2 - The power of no dig gardening


  • My Step by step process to setting up raised bed gardens
  • How to eliminate backbreaking work
  • How to save money when filling up your raised beds

Module 3 - The secrets to growing food in small spaces


  • How to select the right pots and potting mix
  • My step by step process for transplanting your plants
  • The golden rules for planting in pots
  • How to avoid watering fails that ruin your pot plants

Module 4 - The Cheapest & fastest DIY Composting System on the planet


  • The fastest and cheapest way to make a DIY compost bin
  • How to avoid nutrient poor compost
  • How to start a worm farm that enhances plant growth
  • How to use “black gold” in your garden

Module 5 - Essential Tools For An Easier Life


  • How to select and use only the essential tools for your garden so you can ignore wasting money on anything else

Module 6 - How to Source, Use & Store Seeds


  • How to select the right seeds 
  • How to store seeds so they last for many years
  • How to speed up the germination of your seeds

Module 7 - Protecting your garden from everything that could go wrong


  • How to select the right materials to plant seeds that wont fail on you
  • My full guide on how and when to plant seeds
  • The secret method to transplant seedlings in your garden

Module 8 - Protecting your garden from everything that could go wrong


  • Master mulch, understand its true power and when and how to use it 
  • The golden rules to watering your Garden (which might surprise you)

Module 9 - The worst pests & best friendly insects


  • How to mimic nature in your garden
  • The best pests & friendly insects for healthier growth
  • How to Prevent disease from spoiling all of your hard word

Everything you’ll receive

A deep dive of gardening growing genius

Access to the 9 module workshop

Lifetime access to the recording

Downloadable content to stay on top of your garden

My perfect 50 plants growing secrets guide

Tried and tested time saving hacks

A system to double your garden growth speed

A list of hacks to overcome the common mistakes you must avoid

10+ years of gardening experience condensed in one workshop

Who's This for

Gardeners with zero experience at all to intermediate gardening fanatics.

People who want faster results with less work.

Gardeners who are willing to grow 100% organic food.

Who's This NOT for

People who are planning to move to Mars (even though you might be able to grow potatoes)


Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the workshop

Will I get access to the workshop once I complete it?

Yes, You will have unlimited access to the course so you can go back to every module at any time you like.

How many modules are included in the workshop?

The workshop contains 9 modules in total and you will have access to downloadable content and exciting tips to change the way you garden.

Can I get a refund?

Please refer to our terms and conditions here.

 Grow an Amazing Vegetable Garden Without Backbreaking Work


Get access to the Secrets, the Tips, and the 50 Plants Guide