DIY Recycled Trellis: How to Make a Rustic Garden Structure

Growing your own food could be cheap and fun if you reinvent yourself and recycle common materials lying around your house. That’s what I did when I experimented and made a recycled trellis.

A trellis, typically used to support climbing plants, can be made from various recycled materials. Old wooden pallets, discarded metal frames, and even repurposed plastic can become sturdy structures for your garden. The charm of a recycled trellis is not just in its function but in its unique, rustic appearance that adds character to your garden.

Alessandro Vitale aka Spicy Moustache holding an old wheel bike

How I Made My Recycled Trellis

Materials Needed:

  • Old bike wheel rim
  • Jute rope
  • Oak barrel or plastic pot
  • Organic compost
  • Peas or bean seedlings

Step-by-Step Procedure:

  1. Fill up the oak barrel with organic compost
  2. Drill holes around the border
  3. Stick in drainage hole using an old broom handle
  4. Place the Old bike wheel rim on the end of the broom handle and fix it
  5. Using a jute rope, make vertical lines connected to the wheel and to the holes in the border
  6. Plant peas seedlings behind the jute rope and twist peas around the rope
  7. Water well and watch it grow

NOTE: Make sure to secure the broom handle in one of the drainage holes at the bottom to add stability!

This system it’s the perfect example, as I managed to fit around 20 plants of peas which will produce a good amount of food and I still have space in the middle to plant something else. You could use a plastic pot if you don’t have an oak barrel.

Alessandro Vitale aka Spicy Moustache watering the plants in his recycled trellis

Benefits of Using Recycled Trellises

  • Environmental Impact: By repurposing materials, you reduce the demand for new resources and minimize waste. This simple act of recycling helps cut down on landfill waste and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Cost-Effective: Gardening can be an expensive hobby, but using recycled materials for your trellis can save you a significant amount of money. Instead of buying a new trellis, you can create one from materials you already have or find for free, like old furniture or scrap metal. 
  • Unique Aesthetic: Each recycled trellis has its own story and character. No two trellises will look the same, giving your garden a unique and personalized touch.
  • Durability: Often, materials like wood and metal, which are used in recycled trellises, are extremely durable. When properly treated and maintained, these materials can last for many years, providing long-lasting support for your plants.
  • Creative Satisfaction: Building your own trellis from recycled materials can be a fun and rewarding project. It’s an opportunity to flex your creative muscles and turn something old into something new and useful. The satisfaction of seeing your plants thrive on a trellis you built yourself is incomparable.

Plants That Thrive on Trellises

Many plants benefit from the support of a trellis. Climbing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and peas can grow more efficiently and produce higher yields when supported by a trellis. Even flowering plants like roses and clematis can flourish with the added structure.

Creating the right support for your plants it’s essential for a healthy and productive garden. So, next time you consider throwing out that old wooden pallet or metal frame, think twice. It might just be the perfect piece for your next recycled trellis project.

Happy gardening!

Recycled trellis cover image