How to Grow and Care for Mint: Tips and Varieties

Did you know that you can grow an unlimited supply of mint? However, you need to follow the right steps to take care of it or it could easily invade and take over your whole growing space! We are growing many varieties like pineapple mint, strawberry mint, chocolate mint, banana, and peppermint, and all of them are our favorite tea flavors. In this blog, I’ll share how we’re taking care of them. Mints are plants that you could potentially buy once and grow forever, as they’re extremely easy to clone and/or overwinter.

Alessandro Vitale aka Spicy Moustache holding mint leaves

Easy Steps To Take Care of Your Mint

Taking care of your mint is pretty easy. You can either:

  1. Cut above side shoots regrowth. The plant will redirect the energy to side shots and produce two main stems.
  1. Cut a long stem at the base and remove all the lower leaves. Stick in a cup with water and wait for a few weeks for the roots to develop.

Just remember to always grow your mint in a container or the roots will take over your whole garden. They are an underground stem that produces roots and new shots so be careful to not plant them in open ground or it will be a real pain to remove them. Even a single small bit of stem could produce a new plant! Also, don’t worry about pruning your mint, it will benefit the plant and encourage new growth. (You can also clone your mint for an unlimited supply.)

Choosing the Right Variety

There are several varieties of mint to choose from, including peppermint, spearmint, and chocolate mint. Each has its unique flavor profile, so consider what you’ll use it for. Peppermint is great for teas, spearmint for cooking, and chocolate mint for desserts.

Peppermint, ginger mint, chocolate mint, and strawberry mint

Why Mint?

Mint is an amazing and versatile plant. It is known for its refreshing taste and medicinal properties. Here’s why you should consider adding this amazing plant to your garden:

  • Culinary Delight: Mint leaves can elevate your culinary creations, from salads and sauces to beverages and desserts. Imagine a mojito on a summer day or a mint-infused salad dressing to add a burst of flavor.
  • Health Benefits: Mint is renowned for its digestive benefits. A cup of mint tea can help soothe an upset stomach and improve digestion. It’s also packed with antioxidants, which help protect your body from free radicals.
  • Aromatherapy: The refreshing scent of mint is known to reduce stress and improve mental clarity. Simply brushing against the plant can release its refreshing aroma, providing a natural boost to your day.
  • Natural Pest Repellent: Mint is a natural deterrent for pests like ants, mosquitoes, and aphids. Planting mint around your garden can help protect your other plants without the need for harmful chemicals.

Mint is a beautiful addition to any garden. Its easy-growing nature, coupled with its uses and advantages, makes it a favorite among gardeners. Mint is the plant for you if you want to add flavor to your dishes, improve your health, or simply enjoy its pleasant aroma. At the end of the growing season, simply cut the plant at the base and it will regrow the next year!

So why not try it? Plant some mint today to experience the enchantment of this multipurpose herb in your yard.

Happy growing!

Alessandro Vitale aka Spicy Moustache holding mints